Rest In Peace My Sweet Brandon

Last night at 8:05 my sweet Brandon was called home. Yesterday was incredibly difficult for our family, however, I am so thankful that we all had the time to tell him how much he is loved and how deeply he has touched our lives. He was surrounded with the love and support of family as he passed peacefully and started on his journey to heaven. I miss him more than words can describe but I am so happy that he is finally free of the pain and suffering caused by this horrible disease. It has been a long emotional journey but I truly believe that Brandon was finally at peace and ready to pass on.

There could never be enough words to describe my deep and unending love for my beautiful husband, Brandon. He is truly the most beautiful person with such a beaming smile and infectious laugh. His personality can light up a room within moments and I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t adore him. He loves deeper and bigger than anyone I have ever known and has a beautiful way of making others feel so incredibly special and loved. His goofy and spontaneous sense of humor is unmatched and he has the beautiful gift of making people smile wherever he goes. When we met it didn’t take me long to realize that I had found someone incredibly special and one of a kind. In our time together Brandon has taught me so much; he’s shown me how to be brave and strong, how to love deeper and harder, to see the beauty in everyone and everything, and most importantly to never give up no matter what life throws my way.

Though our time together was short, we truly squeezed in as much joy and laughter as we possibly could. We loved more in our 3 and a half years than some people do in a lifetime. I feel so incredibly blessed that I was able to be a part of his life here on earth and I feel honored that I was chosen to be his best friend, soulmate, and wife. I have no doubt that our time together will be the most special years of my life and I’m thankful for every single moment that we shared together. Our love is everlasting and while we are no longer together in person, he will always be a huge part of my life. He will always be in my heart and his spirit will live on through my thoughts, words, and actions. I love him endlessly and that will never ever change. It brings me so much joy to know that I will see him again one day and that we will be able to pick up right where we left off. Until that time, I know that I will have the best guardian angel in heaven. I have no doubt that he will be watching over me every moment until we meet again.

I couldn’t be more proud of Brandon’s bravery and courage over the last two years of our lives. He tackled leukemia head on and remained positive and hopeful throughout every single disappointment and set back that was thrown our way. He fought through so much adversity and his journey has inspired so many. He overcame insurmountable odds and obstacles that astounded every single person that watched him fight this uphill battle. He knew the odds were against him but he never let that change his positive outlook and attitude. He wanted something positive to come from his struggle and never hesitated to agree to additional research studies that wanted extra tissue samples for leukemia research down the road. To him it was all worth it even if he could only save one life. I have no doubt in my mind that all of the clinical trials and research studies that he participated in will lead to new treatments and more lives saved. And despite everything that he was going through, he never stopped caring about everyone else. He had all the time in the world to share his story and spent a lot of time encouraging and inspiring other patients and their families. He became well known in the leukemia community at Vancouver General Hospital and at MD Anderson and inspired patients and their families, nurses, hospital staff, and doctors alike. He fought bravely during this long and strenuous journey and he has WON this battle against this horrible disease. Brandon beat cancer by how he lived, why he lived, and the manner in which he lived. I think it is safe to say he has more than earned his super hero cape and I have no doubt that he’s wearing it for a little extra Brandon flare with his new angel wings up in heaven.

Brandon and I are incredibly thankful for all the incredible support that we have received from all around the world during our journey. Everyone’s love gave us so much strength and courage to continue our fight. Thank you endlessly to everyone that made it possible for Brandon to travel to MD Anderson for further treatment; you gave him an extremely precious extra year and a half of life. Brandon and I greatly cherished that time and truly made the most of the short time that we had. I am so thankful that we were able to bring Brandon home even though it was just for such a short time. The moments he had here before his passing were so special and so powerful. He was able to witness an amazing welcome home committee full of his amazing friends and family, to meet and love on his niece and nephew, share smiles and laughs with the people he loves, and just relish in the beauty of being back home in BC, a place that he loved and missed so much. I will never forget the moment Sunday morning where he just sat on the couch at home with the sliding glass door open and a perfect view of the outside. We sat and cried and talked about how beautiful it was to hear the birds and the wind in the trees, smell the ocean, and to breathe that crisp cool BC air. He was so happy and so at peace because he had made it home.

Brandon’s story is incredibly powerful and no words could ever do it justice. I know that there are so many people that love him and so many lives that he has touched in his 26 years. If the years of life were measured in love, he would have far surpassed the age of 26.

I will be sure to share details about Brandon’s service and celebration of life once we have more details. Thank you all for the incredible love and support during this time. It brings me so much peace and joy to hear how Brandon’s life touched the lives of so many.


2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace My Sweet Brandon

  1. Chiara says:

    Dear Michelle, it’s been some time that I follow your journey. This post, even if the most painful, still radiates your love as a beautiful couple and Brandon’s strength. I send my deepest condolences to you and to your families. You both were so inspiring in so many ways and your words, in this moment of infinite sorrow, still celebrating the incredible young man that Brandon has been in his life on earth. I mourn with you. Your story has touched so many lives in so many countries… I will pray for Brandon and you and I will keep you, Michelle, in my daily prayers. Thank you for with you taught us. With endless love, from Italy. Chiara


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