The Update That I Never Wanted To Write (6/29/17)

I am so sorry that it has been over 3 months since I officially updated everyone about Brandon. The last few months of our journey have been such an emotional rollercoaster and I have been unable to put into words a lot of what we have been experiencing.

Shortly after my last update our world was turned upside down as Brandon went into respiratory failure and was placed on a ventilator in the ICU. At that time, the doctors didn’t know if he would ever breathe again on his own. Two and a half days later, after a lot of tears and even more prayers, he amazed everyone when he took his first breaths without life support. Shortly thereafter, he faced a life threatening heart complication that led to a drain being placed in his chest to remove over a liter of fluid that was compressing his heart. Since our time leading up to the ICU, Brandon has been fighting incredibly hard. In the last few months we have been in and out of the hospital more times than I can count and he has been through multiple rounds of treatment to try and get back into remission. The last 3 months have been unexplainably difficult and it has taken a huge toll on Brandon, myself, and our family. Unfortunately, despite everything we have done, the leukemia has continued to progress.

My heart is broken and I don’t even know where to begin. This is the post that I never ever wanted to write. Over the last few weeks Brandon’s leukemia has really begun to progress at a very quick rate. Unfortunately at this point in his illness chemotherapy is no longer working to control his leukemia. Chemotherapy that was holding things for a month are now barely holding things for the matter of a few days. It has been very difficult to come to the understanding and accept that there are no viable options and that his illness has become terminal.

At this point, Brandon has made the decision that he wants to focus on quality of life rather than quantity. This means that we will be traveling back to Brandon’s home in White Rock, BC, Canada very soon so that he can spend time with friends and family, meet his newly born niece and nephew, and be where he feels at peace. We plan on making the very most of the time that we have left together and with our loved ones.

Thank you all for your amazing support through the last two years of our lives. It has been an incredible journey and we have truly come so far. Without the love and support of so many, we would not have had the opportunity to come to MD Anderson for further treatment and therefore, would not have had the last very precious year and a half to spend together. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that has helped us get so far.

I want to be clear that despite the outcome this is not defeat for Brandon or our family. Brandon has beaten cancer by how he lives, why he lives, and the manner in which he lives. I am so proud of my brave and courageous husband for fighting so bravely throughout our journey. He has touched so many lives and inspired so many people, including me.

Please keep Brandon and myself, along with all of our close friends and family in your prayers as we begin this next part of our journey. It’s very important to Brandon that he spends his remaining time in peace and joy surrounded by the ones he loves. We are trying our best to make this experience a reflection of our family’s positivity and love and request that everyone share in our outlook. We plan to be home within the next 48 hours and I will be sure to let everyone know when we arrive.

Thank you all again for your love and support.


Brandon’s time in the ICU


Brandon’s very special 26th birthday (4/23/17)


Love beats cancer, always

2 thoughts on “The Update That I Never Wanted To Write (6/29/17)

  1. Chiara says:

    I keep you, everyday, in my deepest prayers. So much love I learned, red, felt thought your words here and IG. I love you with all of my heart.


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