Update About Brandon’s Treatment (2/6/17)

Happy Monday everyone!

We met with Brandon’s Leukemia Team on Friday to discuss the results from his most recent bone marrow biopsy (on 2/2) and his treatment moving forward. I am happy to announce that after 3 months of the current treatment regimen, his bone marrow only consists of 20% blast (cancer) cells! Last month, his biopsy showed that his bone marrow had 22% blast cells. Although the change has been small, it’s movement in the right direction and we are ecstatic about that!

Going into this treatment, we knew it would take time to see the full results since this regimen is a relatively mild treatment. Brandon’s doctor is very happy with the positive changes over the last 3 months. Prior to starting this treatment, almost all of Brandon’s circulating white blood cells were leukemia cells. Furthermore, he had to have multiple doses of emergency chemotherapy to keep his white blood cell count from becoming dangerously high. Today, his white blood cell count is well within the normal limits and the leukemia cells make up a small fraction of his white blood cell count. We are incredibly thankful that Brandon’s treatment is continuing to move in the right direction!

Brandon will be starting his fourth cycle of treatment starting this Wednesday. With another cycle comes another 7 days of chemotherapy and the continuance of his oral targeted therapy medication. This oral targeted therapy medication is currently costing us $22,300 USD per month at Brandon’s current dosage. We need your help so that Brandon can continue with this treatment so that he can get back into remission and qualify for a second stem cell transplant. Things are moving in the right direction and we do not want to give up on something that has been so successful.

Last Friday we also had a meeting with Brandon’s Stem Cell Doctor. Since Brandon’s relapse, he has continued to follow Brandon’s case closely. Last month we learned that Brandon’s doctor was considering a haploidentical transplant for the second transplant. In a haploidentical transplant, the stem cell donor is only a half match to the recipient’s tissue type (5/10).  Recently, there has been a lot of research studying the success of haploidentical transplant for patients with more aggressive forms of leukemia, and many of the studies have been very promising. I am very happy to announce that Brandon has THREE confirmed possible haploidentical donors; his sister, mother, and father! There are many factors that come into play when determining the best donor, but all three of them are now eligible donors! We are excited that this new plan will allow Brandon to have his second transplant immediately after achieving remission.

Thank you all for your continued love and support. We are so blessed to have such an amazing support system throughout this journey. I will be sure to keep everyone updated as Brandon continues to move through treatment.


Orange you glad to see me? =P