Update About Brandon’s Treatment (1/10/17)

Last Tuesday Brandon was admitted to the hospital due to severe pain and a high fever. After a number of tests, it was determined that Brandon had an infection in his lower GI tract that was causing some severe inflammation.  Since then, it’s been a struggle to manage Brandon’s pain and treat the infection. It’s been a rollercoaster of a week, but I feel like things are finally moving in the right direction. The antibiotic regimen has been successfully treating the infection, and his pain is finally being better controlled with pain medication.

Last Friday Brandon had a bone marrow biopsy (his 18th!) to evaluate his leukemia after 2 months of treatment. I will share the results shortly, but I’d like to give you some background first. Prior to last Friday, Brandon’s previous biopsy was done at the end of September. This was just after his leukemia had relapsed post stem cell transplant. That biopsy showed 42% blast (cancer) cells in his bone marrow. Brandon did not start treatment for his relapsed leukemia until the middle of November, about a month and a half after the biopsy. Therefore, the blast count at the time of starting treatment was much higher than 42%. Just to give you an idea of how aggressive his leukemia is, in the past his bone marrow blasts have increased by more than 50% in just two weeks. So just imagine how much they increased during those 6 weeks!

I bet you’re wondering what the results are from last Friday’s biopsy…..

Drumroll please!!!

After two months of treatment, Brandon’s bone marrow is only 22% blasts! Woohoo! Can you hear my cheering?!

Brandon’s leukemia team is very encouraged by these results and have decided to proceed forward with another cycle of the same treatment. Last Friday, Brandon started another round of chemotherapy. We’re 5 days into chemotherapy and treatment is going well! Brandon is feeling better day-by-day and we’re finally discussing hospital discharge with the doctors. Over the next few days they will be transitioning Brandon off of his IV medications in preparation for going home. We’re hopeful that Brandon will be able to go home by next Monday at the latest.

We are so encouraged by the results of Brandon’s most recent biopsy and the success of his treatment so far. We feel that we are moving even closer to Brandon’s next stem cell transplant. Thank you all for your continued love and support. Your encouraging words and prayers strengthen us every day. I will continue to keep everyone updated with Brandon’s progress!


You guys, I can’t get over his luscious hair and beard!


3 thoughts on “Update About Brandon’s Treatment (1/10/17)

  1. Leanne & Shawn says:

    Way to go Brandon! So happy to hear such great news! You both are in our thoughts and prays daily! Not to mention conversations😊😘❤❤❤❤❤ miss you! The Allens


  2. Aunt Shelly says:

    Yippee! Glad to hear some good news finally……hey, all that wavy hair looks like someone we know…..had to do a double take and wonder if Neilan showed up there for the picture! Happy for your good news! Love Aunt Shelly!


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