Update About Brandon’s Treatment (10/16/16)

We met with Brandon’s leukemia doctor on Friday to discuss the next steps for Brandon’s treatment. Due to Brandon’s increasing white blood cell count, they decided to admit Brandon to the hospital for a one time dose of IV chemotherapy to bring his white blood cell count back down. Just to clarify, this was not an emergency admission. No need to worry!

Brandon received the chemotherapy early Saturday morning. His white blood cell count has already started to decrease and is heading in the right direction. He has been doing very well since the chemotherapy. He’s feeling good and hasn’t had any issues or complications. So far, this hospital stay has been very uneventful, which we like!

The leukemia team has been hard at work to place Brandon on the best treatment. Now that he has successfully been weaned off of the anti-rejection medication from his stem cell transplant, the list of available treatment options has lengthened. At this point, it’s a matter of looking into multiple treatments to determine which is best and which he is eligible to participate in. Tomorrow morning, we will be meeting with his inpatient doctor to discuss the next steps. The hope is that this hospital stay will fast track him into the next treatment.

I will be sure to share news as we receive it. I just wanted to let everyone know that Brandon is doing well! We’re ready and excited to start the next steps of this journey.


Thanks for your love and support!


Good thing he has video games to pass the time =)

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