Transplant Day +49

“The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.”

Hey everyone, it’s transplant day +49!

Guess what! We just finished enjoying our first weekend off! On Friday, Brandon’s transplant team was so happy with his progress that they gave us Saturday through Monday away from the hospital. We had a wonderful weekend of rest and relaxation. It was absolutely magical!

I am happy to announce that Brandon is continuing to progress very well. His transplant team is amazed at his healthy blood cell counts this early after transplant. He hasn’t needed a blood transfusion since leaving the hospital! We also found out that Brandon’s blood type has officially transitioned from O+ (his original blood type) to A+ (his donor’s blood type). This happened way ahead of schedule! Woohoo!

Today, Brandon’s transplant doctor gave us the thumbs up to spend more time away from the hospital. From now on we only need to visit the transplant clinic on Tuesdays and Fridays! We will be continuing Brandon’s IV infusions from home on our days off. I can’t tell you all how excited we are for this new change of pace. More time at home will allow Brandon to rest and recover at his own pace. I am so thankful that Brandon is doing well enough to spend more time at home.

Since Brandon’s leukemia was so aggressive and difficult to treat, Brandon’s leukemia doctor recommended placing him on a maintenance treatment to help ensure that he stays in remission post-transplant. Brandon will be re-starting Sorafenib, one of the medications that helped Brandon get into remission pre-transplant. Sorafenib is a type of medication called a targeted therapy, which targets cancer cells with the specific genetic mutation that caused Brandon’s leukemia. Taking Sorafenib will help to ensure that any lingering cancer cells don’t make a come back in the months to come as Brandon’s new immune system is gaining its strength.

Today marks one year since Brandon’s leukemia diagnosis. Today brings back painful memories of the days surrounding Brandon’s initial diagnosis that turned our lives upside down. I remember the heartbreak I felt as I rushed to the emergency room after receiving a phone call that I will never forget. It seemed surreal as the doctor told us that Brandon had leukemia. I thought it must be some kind of mistake. I couldn’t believe that it was real and that it was happening to us. It was a moment that I will never forget.

One year ago we made a decision that we would remain strong and hopeful no matter what. We vowed to never ever give up. That motto has carried us so far. A year later and we stand stronger than ever. It has been hard, but we made it. Brandon is +49 days post-transplant and he is CANCER FREE! If we can beat cancer, we can do anything! Our love for each other and the support from our family and friends have gotten us where we are today. Thank you all so very much. We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives.

Though this experience has been painful and difficult, it has also taught me some of my greatest life lessons. As we move forward with our lives you can bet that they will be forever changed. Brandon and I are both looking forward to a new year of life without cancer. This year will be full of new experiences and days filled with laughter. We’ll be thankful for our lives and never take a day for granted. We’ll hug a little bit tighter and love a lot deeper. We will remember that any day on earth is a good day. We will be thankful for our blessings and bless those who come into our lives. We will see the beauty in everyone and everything. We will make a difference in the world of those touched by cancer. And despite what life throws our way, we will never ever give up.

Thank you all for your continuous love, kindness, and support. I will be sure to keep everyone updated with Brandon’s progress. We love you all!


Our first “normal” Saturday night in a VERY long time!


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