Transplant Day+40

“Life is a one time offer, use it well.”

Hey everyone, it’s transplant day +40!

It’s been a hectic few days as we have been adjusting to outpatient life. We’ve been spending every morning at the stem cell transplant clinic since we came home. So far everything is going very well. Brandon hasn’t needed anything more than IV fluids with magnesium and his daily IV anti-fungal medication. His other blood cell counts (hemoglobin and platelets) have continued to rise so he hasn’t needed any blood transfusions. Yay! It’s been so amazing to see so many healthy cells growing back!

Brandon is doing well but is struggling some with normal post-transplant side effects. He’s extremely exhausted and gets fatigued very easily. He is still also struggling with some difficult nausea, but has managed to eat more now that we’re back home. Considering everything his body has been through, he is doing amazingly well! Recovery is going to be a very long process, but we continue to make the best of it day by day.

Now that things are slowing down a bit I will be posting updates a little less frequently. I’ll keep posting updates every few days and will be sure to let everyone know as we reach exciting milestones.

Just before Brandon’s transplant we had the pleasure of meeting a fellow leukemia warrior named Amy. Amy is the first person that we have met that has AML with the same genetic mutation as Brandon. Like Brandon, Amy has had a difficult journey since her diagnosis. We became instant friends. Amy had her transplant just 10 days after Brandon. She and her family have been a huge support system for us during this transplant journey. Tomorrow, Amy will have her day +30 biopsy. Please keep Amy in your thoughts and prayers as she approaches this big milestone. She’s a fighter just like Brandon so leukemia doesn’t stand a chance! Go kick some butt, Amy!

Thank you all for your continued love and support. We are so blessed!

FullSizeRender 136

I live for these smiles!

FullSizeRender 135

Same couch, 3 days of napping

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