Transplant Day +24

“You may see us struggle, but you will never see us quit.”

Hey everyone, it’s transplant day +24!

Today Brandon had his central venous catheter (CVC) exchanged. Thankfully the procedure went very well! The old catheter has been sent to be tested for bacteria and we should have the results back in a few days. I am hoping that by tomorrow Brandon’s fevers are gone!

In other good news, Brandon’s liver function has continued to improve. Woohoo! I am hoping that his liver continues to heal so that we can avoid having to go through a liver biopsy.

The plan is to continue to monitor Brandon over the weekend and see how things go. If the fevers persist, we will look into other possibilities at that time. I am hoping that today is the turning point where Brandon can get back on the road to recovery. It would be wonderful to go home soon!

Thank you all for your continued love, support, and prayers. We are so blessed.




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