Transplant Day +18


“No rain, no rainbow.”

Hey everyone! It’s transplant day +18!

The last 24 hours have been long; as Brandon has had various tests due to the high fever he had yesterday evening. The viral and fungal tests have all come back negative and no bacteria have been isolated from Brandon’s blood cultures. This is great news! Although, Brandon had a torso CT scan that revealed some fluid around his gallbladder. He is not currently in any pain in that area, but they are now thinking that he may have a gallbladder infection.  They will be doing more tests in the days to come to determine the source of the fevers and infection. I am praying that his current antibiotics continue to work and fight off whatever is causing problems.

Since Brandon has stopped with the G-CSF injections his white blood cell count has been trending downward. This is to be expected at this time during recovery. Unfortunately, this leaves him neutropenic and less able to fight infections. The plan is to give him another injection of G-CSF tomorrow to boost his white blood cell count back up a little bit. Hopefully this will help fight whatever bacteria keep causing these pesky fevers.

In exciting news, some A+ blood cells are being picked up in Brandon’s blood! He is still overall O+ (his original blood type) but the transition to A+ (his donor’s blood type) has started now that he has engrafted! This is a positive sign that things are continuing to progress in the right direction.

We also managed to get out and walk one lap around the transplant ward today! Today was the first time that Brandon has been able to leave the room in over a week and a half. This is such exciting progress! I am hoping that things continue to improve through the weekend.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as Brandon continues to work hard towards going home. We are hoping for late next week but that may be extended if his fevers continue. I will continue to keep everyone updated on his progress!


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