Transplant Day +13

“A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but its persistence.”

Hey everyone! It’s transplant day +13!

We are SO excited today because the neutrophils decided to join the party! Brandon’s white blood cell count is 0.5 and his absolute neutrophil count (ANC) is 0.42! Woohoo! We are getting so close to engraftment! Once Brandon’s ANC is at 0.5 for three consecutive days it means he has successfully engrafted. We’re getting there!

Brandon is making a little bit of progress day by day. This round of pre-transplant chemotherapy was extremely hard on his body and has caused many side effects. He continues to struggle with severe nausea and fatigue, although the mucositis (sores in his mouth and throat) appears to be getting a little bit better. He has also developed “chemo burn” in certain areas on his body, which is skin toxicity due the chemotherapy. All of these things are extremely painful and uncomfortable. With time and engraftment, things will start to improve more and more.

Brandon is doing his best to be as active as his body allows by sitting up and moving around the room throughout the day. He is also making a huge effort to continue eating, which is no easy task during transplant. During this experience most patients lose the ability to eat and have to be sustained with IV nutrition. We are extremely thankful that Brandon has been able to eat, even if it is very small amounts.

Despite not feeling well, Brandon is doing extremely well overall. This is a VERY difficult process and he is doing awesome. The doctors are very happy with where he is in his recovery.

Thank you all for your love and support. I look forward to sharing more good news tomorrow!


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