Transplant Day +12

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

Hey everyone! It’s transplant day +12!

Something very exciting happened today, Brandon’s white blood cell count went up to 0.1! This means that engraftment is starting! Woohoo! This is an exciting step in the right direction!

In the days to come you may hear us talking a lot about Brandon’s white blood cell count since it is a sign of how well the engraftment is going. The main thing we will be watching is his absolutely neutrophil count (ANC). Neutrophils are the most important white blood cells that act as the body’s first line of defense. Once Brandon’s ANC is above 0.5 for 3 days in a row it means that he has successfully engrafted. Since Brandon’s white blood cell count is only 0.1, they are unable to calculate his ANC. However, as his white blood cell count rises they will be able to determine what number of those white blood cells are neutrophils.

Brandon is continuing to get better a little bit day by day. The supportive care team is continuing to make small changes to his pain and nausea medications to make him more comfortable. The new antibiotics seem to be working well since Brandon’s temperature has come down considerably. He is slowly becoming more active and mobile, and starting to eat a little more as well. Slowly but surely things are progressing in the right direction.

Thank you all for your love and support. I can’t wait to share more good news as Brandon’s new stem cells start to work their magic.




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