Transplant Day +10

“Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time. It’s about loving what you have and being grateful for it.”

Hey everyone! It’s transplant day +10; we’re in double digits!

Unfortunately Brandon is at the point where he is getting hit from all angles. Heavy chemotherapy takes quite the toll on the body. Between the fevers, bone pains, migraines, lack of sleep, mucositis, and some skin breakdown and irritation he is extremely uncomfortable.

Though today was another difficult day, we took a lot of positive steps in the right direction. Brandon’s pain is being much better controlled after some minor adjustments to his pain medication. He also managed to get an uninterrupted nap this afternoon, which is almost impossible to manage in the transplant ward. And although he is eating very little, he is still eating (which is more than most people can say at this point). We’re doing our best to focus on the positive!

After a week of ongoing fevers and many changes to his antibiotics, the transplant doctors decided to consult with the infectious disease team. It sounds much more terrifying than it is, I promise. The infectious disease doctors are good at finding the source of ongoing fevers when no infection has yet to be found.

Many months ago Brandon had some skin breakdown and irritation that became infected and required many weeks of IV antibiotics and white blood cell transfusions to control. They suspect that this may have flared back up and may be contributing to his fevers. They have done a whole overhaul on his antibiotics in hopes that a different combination will be more effective. They will continue to watch him closely in the days to come, but hopefully this new treatment does the trick. His white blood cells should also start to come back very soon, which will help to fight any infection that may be brewing.

We are continuing to take this adventure day by day and make the best of what we’re given. We are so blessed to be here dealing with the side effects of the transplant process. We could just as easily have been still struggling to get into remission. Though this journey is hard, we are happing to be walking it.

Thank you all for your love and support. We are excited for the stem cells to start engrafting any day now. Please send thoughts and prayers our way to help these little guys get moving!


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