Transplant Day +5

Hey everyone, its transplant day +5 and things are looking up!

Today was MUCH better than the last few days. Brandon’s nausea and mucositis pain are finally being controlled with the right combination of medications. YAY! The doctors have also switched most of his medications to IV so that he can avoid having to swallow large pills, which is extremely painful.

Brandon managed to spend half the day out of bed and also walked three laps around the transplant ward. He also managed to eat a meal for the first time in 48 hours! And we’ve made it almost 24 hours without a fever! It’s the small  victories, y’all. =)

Today Brandon started on an anti-rejection medication called Tacrolimus that he will be taking from now on to prevent graph verses host disease (GVHD). As we move closer to his stem cell engraftment, this medication will help to prevent the cells from attacking his body.

Brandon’s doctors feel that he is on track and doing really well. We’re hopeful that he continues to improve and get stronger in the days to come.

Thank you all for your love and support. I can’t wait to share more good news!

FullSizeRender 128

Lions, and tigers, and pumps! Oh my!


Transplant Day +5 




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