Transplant Day +4

Hey everyone, its transplant day +4!

We have quickly learned that Brandon’s doctor was not lying when he said Brandon’s pre-transplant chemotherapy regimen was the “most toxic thing known to man.” The last few days have been challenging to say the least.

Brandon’s nausea is still persisting, even with doses of some of the strongest anti-nausea medications. Also, to make matters worse, he has started to feel extreme pain from the mucositis (the inflammation and ulceration of the mucus membranes of the mouth and throat) that was caused by his chemotherapy. He is barely able to eat and drink and will likely be started on IV nutrition soon. And as if this all wasn’t enough, he has been  running fevers all day (the highest one being at 103° F/39.3° C).

The anti-nausea medications have been kicked up a notch and he has also been started on pain medications for the mucositis. Unfortunately there is nothing they can do for his fevers since tylenol is too toxic for the liver and steroids can harm the new stem cells. They are continuing to draw blood cultures every 24 hours that he runs a fever to check for any new signs of infection. Everyone is doing their best to make him comfortable, but medications can only do so much.

Despite feeling so incredibly horrible, he managed to pull himself out of bed to walk TWO laps around the ward. He told me afterwards that those were the two most difficult laps of his life. But you know what, he did it. Have I told y’all how proud I am of him? His strength and motivation are absolutely amazing.

This is all to be expected at this stage after his transplant. Unfortunately he will continue to feel this way until the new stem cells start to engraft and rebuild his immune system. This will likely start to occur around day 10 to 14. Until then, we will continue to push through the bad days and focus on the good days that are right around the corner.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as Brandon continues to fight through this extremely difficult time.

On a happy note, Brandon has his LAST DOSE OF CHEMOTHERAPY EVER today! That’s a pretty exciting thing. Better days are coming!

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One thought on “Transplant Day +4


    We are sending our prayers and thoughts for all of you and things will get better and Brandon your amazing and an inspiration to all who know you so let’s kick cancers butt ❤️😀🙏🏻

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