Transplant Day +3

Hey everyone! It’s day +3!

Today was officially the most challenging day we have had since Brandon’s admission. The doctors kept telling us that the chemotherapy would eventually catch up with him, and it definitely has. Brandon has been running fevers all day and has been battling some extremely severe nausea. Today has been exhausting for Brandon, and myself as well.

At this stage his fevers are nothing to be too concerned about since all of the tests last night didn’t show any signs of infection. They are preforming more blood cultures this evening since it has been another 24 hours and the fevers are still persisting. This is all precautionary since Brandon’s immune system is nonexistent.

I am really hoping that the new antibiotics start to kick in overnight so that Brandon starts to get some relief tomorrow. He continues to be positive and in good spirits despite feeling so under the weather.

Brandon also had his first of two days of post transplant chemotherapy. This low dose chemotherapy is given to reduce the risk of graph verses host disease aka GVHD (where the donor’s cells attack the recipients body). Tomorrow will be his LAST DOSE of chemotherapy EVER!

Please keep Brandon in your thoughts and prayers. We are hoping he’s back to walking 3 miles a day very soon! There are better days ahead!

FullSizeRender 126.jpg


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