Transplant Day +2

Hey everyone! We made it to day +2!

After a string of perfect days Brandon is starting to feel the effects of his weakened immune system. After running low grade fevers (anything lower than 101 degrees F and 38.3 degrees C) for the last 24+ hours Brandon finally spiked what they consider an actual fever. This means that Brandon’s body has detected something foreign that it wants to fight off. Unfortunately, due to the chemotherapy Brandon’s immune system is nonexistent so he is unable to fight off even the smallest of infections.

When a transplant patient spikes a fever there is a whole protocol that is carried out. Blood cultures have been drawn from every lumen (extension) of his CVC (central venous catheter) to make sure there is no bacteria in his line; he will also have a blood culture drawn from his arm for comparison. He has also been sent for a chest X-ray and other infection detecting tests. The doctors are also starting him on a new IV antibiotic that will hopefully fight whatever bacteria is causing the fevers.

This is all to be expected since Brandon’s immune system is completely nonexistent. He will have to be closely watched for signs of infection during this time period that his white blood cell counts are so low.

The doctors have also detected something called cytomegalovirus (CMV) in Brandon’s blood. CMV is a common virus that 90% of people have been infected with at some point in their youth. Once infected the virus lays dormant in your system and usually causes no harm after the initial cold-like symptoms. Unfortunately, CMV can make a come back if you become immunocompromised. Brandon’s doctors are going to start an IV antiviral medication this Sunday that should treat the virus before he starts to feel any symptoms. With proper treatment it shouldn’t cause any complications but the doctors will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Despite the fevers today we have still been rocking it! We managed to walk about a mile and a half and Brandon was up and out of bed most of the day. His doctors continue to be amazed by his progress and feel that he is doing extremely well. The minor complications he is experiencing are things that almost every transplant patient goes through, it’s just a part of the process. Brandon’s doctor reminded me today that these are little pebbles, not even bumps, in the road. =)

Thank you all for your love and support!


Day +2

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