Transplant Day -1

Hey everyone! Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! I can’t believe that Brandon’s transplant is less than 24 hours away!

Today was another great day! Brandon is still feeling well, all things considered, and managed to be up and active today. His platelets were too low for a work out but he received a transfusion so I’m sure he’ll be right back at it tomorrow.

Today Brandon also received a transfusion of Immunoglobulin G. Gamma globulins are a substance found in our blood that play a role in preventing infections. Brandon’s levels have been very low because of all the treatment he has received so they decided to give him a transfusion before his transplant. Since it is a blood product there is the risk of having an allergic reaction during the transfusion. Despite the pre-medications, Brandon spiked a 100 degree fever a few hours into the transfusion. Thankfully it went back down after the transfusion was complete and he is feeling good!

Today Brandon’s stem cell donor had their cells harvested via aphaeresis. He was connected to a machine by a needle in each arm that drew out his blood, filtered out the stem cells, and returned the filtered blood to his body. This process can take many hours depending on the amount of stem cells he produced due to the medication he was injected with days ago. Right now his stem cells are somewhere en route to Brandon. Tomorrow morning the cells will be processed by the lab at MD Anderson and then delivered to Brandon’s room for the transplant!

Thank you so much Mr. Uknown Donor! All we know is that he is a 43 year old male with an A+ blood type and a heart of gold. I could never thank this man enough for his sacrifice to save my husband’s life. I hope one day I can thank him in person.

When the doctors round tomorrow morning we should get the game plan for the day and learn the time of the transplant. Before transplant time, Brandon will be pre-medicated to prevent an allergic reaction to the stem cells. Then, the stem cells will be infused like a blood transfusion through his CVC in his chest. For such an amazing process the procedure sure is anti-climatic. I’ve got a whole playlist to give the cells good vibes the whole time they are going in!

Thank you all for your love and support. I can’t wait to give everyone an update everyone tomorrow! Please keep us in yours thoughts and prayers.

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