Transplant Day -2

Hey everyone! Today is day -2 until transplant!

We are getting so close and I can hardly believe that transplant day is almost here! We are so blessed to be so close to a cure for Brandon’s leukemia. Tuesday the 12th will be a new beginning and a rebirth for Brandon.

Today was another great day! I am so thankful that Brandon has been feeling so well and being so active. He managed to get in over a mile of walking around the ward along with a 45 minute resistance band work out. His motivation and strength is such an inspiration.

Brandon’s platelets managed to stay above 20 today, which means no platelet transfusions (woohoo!). He did however receive one unit of red blood cells since his hemoglobin dipped a bit low.

With his white blood cell count barely hovering above zero the doctors decided to change up his antibiotics from oral to IV to try and prevent any possible infections. With no immune system it is almost inevitable that he will end up spiking a fever (which usually points to an infection) during his stay in the hospital. We are extremely thankful that he is doing well so far despite his lack of white blood cells. I’m sure this is due, in part, to our germaphobe nature. =)

Please keep is in thought and prayer as we get closer and closer to Brandon’s new birthday!

FullSizeRender 117IMG_8418IMG_8428

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