Transplant Day -3

Hey everyone!

Today is day -3 until transplant. It was a great day! Today was the last morning of chemo prior to Brandon’s transplant! Woohoo!

Brandon’s white blood cell count continues to drop due to the chemo, which is a great sign that it is working. His white blood cell count is hovering just slightly above zero at 0.1. His hemoglobin has stabilized and he is feeling much better than he was a few days ago. His platelets dipped a bit low today so he received a transfusion. Transfusions are to be expected going forward as his bone marrow dies and is unable to produce replacement blood cells.

Brandon’s dystonia (tongue spasms) are doing much better today. They are not completely gone but are being managed by the Benadryl (YAY!).

Despite 4 days of chemo, Brandon managed to be more active today than he has been in a very long time. The physical therapist came by today and gave Brandon a green light to use resistance bands for exercise as long as his platelets are over 20. So in true Brandon fashion, he popped on his headphones and busted out a full body workout. He smiled from ear to ear the whole time.

Anyone who knows Brandon knows how much he enjoyed physical fitness prior to his diagnosis. One of the hardest things for him has been dealing with his limitations over the last year as his low blood counts have prevented him from doing many things he used to love. I saw him light up today as he discussed with the physical therapist the parameters in which he could return to the gym after the transplant. His motivation and courage inspires me each and every day. I know it’s only a matter of time before he is back doing what he loves.

He also managed to get out and walk multiple times throughout the day and spent more than 12 hours up and out of bed. When all you want to do is curl up in bed and sleep, this is huge. We know that rougher days are ahead but we are thankful for how wonderful he is doing now. There isn’t anything we can’t do!

Thank you all for your constant love and support. I know I say that a lot but I am so incredibly thankful. We love you guys!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move closer to transplant day!



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