Transplant Day -4

Hey everyone! We are -4 days from transplant!

Today was day 3 of his conditioning chemotherapy. We are excited that tomorrow is the last 2 am dose!

Brandon’s blood cell counts responded to yesterday’s transfusions so he made it through the day without receiving extra blood products. (YAY!)

Unfortunately, Brandon had what’s called a dystonic reaction this morning to one (or more) of his medications. A dystonic reaction occurs when someone has involuntary muscle spasms of their neck, face, or mouth after taking certain medications. Throughout the day his tongue has been ‘stuck’ in various uncomfortable positions. The doctors have been giving him Benadryl (which is supposed to help ease the spasms) while they change around his medications to try and determine which medication(s) is causing it. We have been through a lot of crazy drug reactions, but I must say this one is the most odd.

Despite the discomfort Brandon has been really active today! He walked a ton of laps around the ward, did some yoga and meditation, and managed to spend most of the day out of bed. This is a huge accomplishment!

I also surprised Brandon today with some photos of his amazing friends and family who wanted to show their love and support. Thank you SO much to everyone that participated! It put such a huge smile on Brandon’s face! For Brandon, these photos will be a constant reminder of how much love and support he has throughout this journey.

Thank you all for your love and support. Please keep us in your prayers as we move closer to transplant date.

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