First Days of Pre-Transplant Chemo

Hey Everyone! I hope that everyone is enjoying their Canada Day/4th of July festivities! We are counting down the final days until transplant!

Last week, Brandon had to stop his leukemia treatment medications prior to starting his pre-transplant conditioning chemotherapy. His final pre-transplant biopsy on June 27th showed an increase in the number of the existing leukemia cells in his body. This shows how aggressive this disease can be and proves his need for a stem cell transplant. The doctors feel that they have weakened his leukemia as much as they can and have given the final green light to proceed with his stem cell transplant.

This week Brandon started his pre-transplant conditioning chemotherapy. Wednesday was a long day as Brandon received his first dose of Busulfan (the cornerstone chemotherapy) and had his blood drawn over 12 hours to determine how his body metabolizes the medication. These tests will determine the dosage that he will receive once he starts the more intense portion of the conditioning on the 6th. He also received another dose of Busulfan on Thursday as well.

Once Brandon is admitted on the 5th I will be doing my best to post daily updates about his progress. We will be using negative days (today is day -10) to count down until the day of his transplant, which will be day 0. Every day after will count up from zero. Days 0 to +100 are the most crucial as the donor’s cells will be engrafting, fighting off any existing leukemia cells, and building Brandon a new immune system. Brandon’s blood type will also be transitioning from O+ to A+ as the donor’s cells grow and make themselves more at home. The goal is for Brandon’s bone marrow to be filled with 100% of the donor’s cells by day +100.

This weekend we will be enjoying our last few days at home prior to our month stay in the hospital. Please keep Brandon and our family in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on the next big part of our journey.

After eleven months of perseverance and prayer we are finally ready for transplant. Thank you all so much for your love and support throughout this journey. We are ready to kick this leukemia to the curb once and for all!

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