Pre-Transplant Testing

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a VERY busy few days but we are nearing the end of Brandon’s pre-transplant testing! So far Brandon has been passing all the tests with flying colors! We are very excited to be meeting with Brandon’s transplant doctor on Friday to get his final approval for transplant!

We learned on Monday that Brandon will be a part of a clinical trial for his pre-transplant conditioning chemotherapy. The trial will be testing a combination of approved chemotherapies and the timeline in which these chemotherapies are given prior to the transplant. The trial is randomized, meaning that Brandon will be randomly assigned to an ‘arm’ of the trial. One arm has 13 days of pre-transplant conditioning while the other arm has 20.

This trial has been chosen for Brandon because it is the most intensive conditioning chemotherapy that they can offer. Due the aggressive nature of his leukemia, they want to wipe out as much of his existing immune system as safely possible. Due to his age and overall good health, they feel that he will be able to tolerate this regime.

This type of chemotherapy is called ‘myeloablative’ meaning it is meant to COMPLETELY wipe out his existing immune system; so much so, that it will be unable to repair itself. The donor’s stem cells are then given as a rescue and will work to build Brandon a new immune system.

We have been through numerous clinical trials at this point; however, there is still a certain element of fear when entering the unknown. We are praying and trusting that Brandon will be randomized for whichever arm of the trial that will most benefit him. I am asking that you please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we anxiously await this decision.

Thank you all so much for your continued love and support!

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