I have been waiting for 9 months to say these words….

Brandon is in REMISSION!!!!!

Brandon will be going forward with his stem cell transplant!!!!!

The last 9 months have been extremely difficult for Brandon, myself, and our family. We have been through numerous ups and downs as we have learned that treatments have worked and failed.

The worst of these times, happened in January when we were told that Brandon was terminally ill. But then, something beautiful and amazing happened. We were absolutely amazed to see the love and support that we received when we asked for help so that we could get Brandon to MD Anderson. Thank you all so much for your support. You are all a part of the victory that we are celebrating today. Thank you for being a part of saving Brandon’s life.

Today we met with Brandon’s doctors and they have confirmed that the preliminary results were correct, Brandon’s blast cells are 2% in his bone marrow! This means that Brandon is in what’s called a “morphological remission.”

There are three types of remission, and Brandon has achieved one if them! A very minimal amount of residual leukemia has been detected (0.3% mutated cells), which means the leukemia is still lurking in the background. As Brandon continues with this treatment, there is still the chance that ALL of the leukemia will be wiped out, leading to another type of remission called “molecular remission.”

When Brandon’s blood cell counts recover (red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells) he will reach the third type of remission called “hematologic remission.”

Brandon’s doctors are extremely happy with these results! They are moving forward with planning for his stem cell transplant! It’s really happening!

A perfect match (10/10) donor has already been confirmed and is waiting on standby to donate their stem cells. Much of the timing of the transplant is up to the stem cell donor, but the goal is for Brandon to go to transplant as quickly as possible. This will likely happen in a month or so.

We have decided that it is in Brandon’s best interests to stay at MD Anderson for his stem cell transplant. Brandon’s condition is stable, but fragile, which means that he is unable to travel. Additionally, Brandon will be continuing on the MD Anderson clinical trial until he goes for transplant. We have all the confidence in the amazing doctors, nurses, and staff at MD Anderson to take care of Brandon as he continues forward with the next step of his treatment.

We are BEYOND EXCITED to share this news with everyone! Thank you all for your constant love, kindness, and support. We are so thankful to have so many amazing people in our lives.

Brandon is in REMISSION! WE DID IT!!!


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